MyTutor - Claim a free online tutorial

MyTutor - Claim a free online tutorial




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Meet an inspiring personal tutor for interactive online lessons

What could you achieve in a 1-hour masterclass with a top UK undergraduate?  MyTutor's personally-selected tutors all study at top UK universities, and have achieved the highest marks in their own GCSEs and A-levels. Now they're here to help you achieve your exam goals.

 One to one sessions so you can learn at your pace

 Friendly tutors with recent exam experience

 Fully interactive online lesson space

 Free recording included to play back for revision

S-cool has teamed up with MyTutor to offer you your first tutorial completely free of charge.  Just click below to create an account and your credits will be automatically applied.  

What have you got to lose?  Even if it doesn't work out you have had a FREE HOUR of help.


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How it works:-

Browse and select a tutor, register & message them, and we'll track your 1-hour free tutorial.

Additional tutorials from £18/hr. Code valid for 30 days, t's and c's apply.