Win over your examiner

A key part of getting the grades you desire, is pleasing the examiner. As it’s coming to end of the exam preparation week it is more than likely you have all learnt the theory for your exams. Now it’s time to learn how to boost your grades practically by impressing the examiner and keeping them on your side!

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1. Prioritise

Setting too many goals may lead to disaster; even if it doesn't, the stress of constant effort will reduce your effectiveness and make you miserable. Prioritise your goals and complete the high-priority tasks before attempting anything else. Focusing effort in a systematic way will ensure that you meet life methodically and without stress.

2. Stay in the driving seat

One cause of stress is feeling that everything is out of control. This is common in high performance settings where there is constant pressure to achieve desirable outcomes. To overcome this, focus on the controllable elements of your environment. Ignore events beyond your own influence and direct your attention towards actions and processes that you have control over. Positive results will follow.

3. Green therapy

Nature is soothing for anyone suffering from stress. Natural settings will clear your mind and encourage you to relax. Allow time in your daily routine to enjoy and appreciate nature, even if only for a five-minute walk around your local park. Numerous health organisations and independent academic bodies have shown that “Ecotherapy” is effective in improving mental wellbeing.

4. Chunking

Most people experience stress when problems seem too large to handle. If you break your problems down into manageable chunks, it will reduce their enormity and allow you to focus on how to tackle them, promoting a problem-solving mindset. Chess grand masters use this same technique to break down the chess board into bite-size sections, allowing them to plan their overall game-plan.

5. Failure is only feedback

Stress is often the by-product of fear of failure. Instead of viewing failure as a negative experience, see it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Remember: failure is only feedback. Every time something goes against you, write down three positives that could or have come from the experience.

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