The S-cool Exam Success Programme

The S-cool Exam Success Programme

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The S-Cool Exam Success Programme starts in September 2012!

Work personally with leading Psychologist Sam Kotadia and give your students the winning edge in their exams.

Sam Kotadia is the Managing Director of Mindsport Ltd and he has spent the last 8 years working with students to improve their exam performance using Positive Psychology.

Starting in September 2012 The Exam Success Programme can be run at your school in one day, or alternatively a series of workshops can be run over several days. Within the programme each school will receive:

  • Interactive workshops that cover techniques to improve confidence, focus and motivation during the exam period.

  • The opportunity to contact Sam if individual students have personal concerns during the exam period.

  • The space for students to devise their own creative strategies to stay in control of their exams.

  • Transferable Positive Psychology skills that can be applied in all walks of life.

  • A classroom pack of the card deck publication 52 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Exams – (30 decks). Translated in Dutch, Arabic, Italian and Hungarian.


Sam trained and became a Chartered Sport Psychologist after spending 3 years testing his performance improvement techniques in professional sport.

Having worked with Premiership footballers and several internationally renowned athletes Sam has taken his techniques and helped hundreds of young performers in all walks of life boost their confidence, focus and motivation.


The margin for error in exam success is very similar to what professional athletes have to contend with. During exams small lapses in concentration and confidence can cause questions to be misread and lead you to rushing your exam. Student psychology is one of the biggest predictors of exam success. If you feel good going into an exam your ability to recall information is improved, and you are able to work better under pressure. I am passionate about helping students use the power of Positive-Thinking to achieve their potential.


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I would recommend Sam’s programme for students during their exams. He has a proven track record of raising the grades of everyone he works with.

Kim Jones, Innovation Manager at the University of the West of England

We have worked with Sam for 3 years now, and we keep bringing him back because the student feedback has always been very positive. Positive thinking makes a real difference for students in the build-up to exams.

Claire Stewart - Director at City Academy

Sam has helped several of our sixth form and GCSE groups out and he been able to raise their aspirations and their confidence levels.

Ronny Ward – The Kingswood Partnership

Working with Sam and Mindsport has reinforced my belief that psychology is a fundamental component of a students development. We have achieved measurable successes through the delivery of mental skills training within the Business and Finance School at City Academy.

Ben Tucker - Head of Department at City Academy

Sam is an excellent trainer and his techniques really helped my students perform at a higher level.

Caroline Park - Former Head of Girls Games at Cheltenham Girls College


Mindsport Ltd is also behind the creation of the successful S-cool Pass it - 52 Revision Secrets Application: 








If you are interested in our Exam Success Programme please email including your name and your schools name.