Revision Season 2015

Revision Season 2015

Exams are looming. Here are a series of 'Revision Season' articles to help you prepare for your Exams.

1: Mental Preparation

Mental Prep

Poor exam results are often caused by a negative mindset such as stress, anxiety and a lack of self-belief. Use these tips to stay positive!

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2: Get Motivated

Week 2: Get Motivated

Motivation is the power behind our actions. Make sure you stay motivated during revision and in exams with S-cool's top tips.

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3: Beat Stress

Beat Stress

Too much stress can seriously affect your results, as well as making you unhappy. Beat stress with S-cool's top tips.

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4: Improve your memory

Improve your memory

Use S-cool's 5 top tips to improve your memory, making revision easier and more effective.

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5: Win over the examiner

Win over the Examiner

Get more marks, by understanding what the examiner is looking for! This can often be the easiest way to improve your results.

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6: Avoid Exam Slip Ups

Exam Slip ups

Don't throw away your hard earned marks! Use these key reminders to avoid common mistakes and losing marks on simple slip-ups.

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