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How to Maximise Your Result in Your GCSE Maths Exam

By Jeevan Singh

GCSE maths is without-a-doubt, one of the most important subjects to study. It's so vital that 97% of jobs now require a pass in GCSE maths. This means, without a pass, it will be difficult to establish a future career path. At present, 40% fail their GCSE maths, 50% gain a C/B grade and only 10% achieve the top grades - A/A*. So why do so many people underperform in their GCSE maths?

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I am writing this just to tell you how fantastic I think your website is.Thank you so much and I hope you continue to help students and teachers as it really is appreciated!
Archie via Email
Is revision making you tear your hair out? Try the wonderful @scoolrevision for revision resources, apps and hints #examseason
Twitter user
This website is awesome, whoever created it is sure to get my prayers ... thnx a lot!!
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Excellent tool for one who does not know where to start
Rose Ruth – Facebook
Your website (specifically physics a-level which is incredibly well written) is amazing, and really is a credit to you and your goodwill for making it free.
Richard G
@scoolrevision is a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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How to find your passion (and a job you love)

We all want a job we love, one that lets us wake up every morning with a smile on our face eager to get the day started. It is a bit more difficult to figure out what this job actually is and, crucially, how to get it.

You should be building the foundation of this as early as possible, making the job hunt a little easier once you are out of school and looking to kick off in the workplace.

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