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7 Tips for Back to school

This time of year can be a mix of all kinds of stresses, anxieties as well as excitement or dread for many students. Here are S-cool's 7 tips for going back to school

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I am writing this just to tell you how fantastic I think your website is.Thank you so much and I hope you continue to help students and teachers as it really is appreciated!
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Is revision making you tear your hair out? Try the wonderful @scoolrevision for revision resources, apps and hints #examseason
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This website is awesome, whoever created it is sure to get my prayers ... thnx a lot!!
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Excellent tool for one who does not know where to start
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Your website (specifically physics a-level which is incredibly well written) is amazing, and really is a credit to you and your goodwill for making it free.
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@scoolrevision is a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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I love s-cool...its really helpful. It really explains the topics and makes them easy to understand.
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Looking to continue your education with A-levels?

The jump from GCSE to AS can seem very daunting at first. As a GCSE student you’ll have done, on average, around 10 subjects with the focus on memorising and learning the content. With A-levels your subjects will be reduced to 4 or 5 but you’ll need to actually understand them and use your own initiative a lot more.



Plan your year ahead to improve your employability

As you enter another year in education you should take the time to think about how you can use the next year to work on your employability.

Whether you are thinking of going to university, starting an apprenticeship or going straight into the workplace, there are lots of ways you can build your CV alongside your studies.

Make your school breaks count

S-Cool News

S-cool News

GCSE and A level poll results

The polls are in!

After a tense few weeks at the end of August students across the country held their breath as results for GCSE and A-levels were revealed.

Recent S-cool polls asked students how they did.

GCSE students beat the national average (21.7 per cent of grades were A or A*) with 25% getting A* and 48% in the A-B bracket

A-level students polled 18% (A*) and 32% in the A-B bracket against the national average of 25.8% getting  A* or A grade.

See the full results of the poll here:

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Looking forward to going back to School?