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Revision Memory Hacks

A fundamental part of revision is using your memory. Research from Professor John Dunlovsky, Kent State University, published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest advocates a distributive practice, spreading out study over time, with a good dose of cramming before the exam.

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Is revision making you tear your hair out? Try the wonderful @scoolrevision for revision resources, apps and hints #examseason
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This website is awesome, whoever created it is sure to get my prayers ... thnx a lot!!
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Excellent tool for one who does not know where to start
Rose Ruth – Facebook
Your website (specifically physics a-level which is incredibly well written) is amazing, and really is a credit to you and your goodwill for making it free.
Richard G
@scoolrevision is a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Plan your year ahead to improve your employability

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As you enter another in education you should take the time to think about how you can use the next year to work on your employability.

Whether you are thinking of going to university, starting an apprenticeship or going straight into the workplace, there are lots of ways you can build your CV alongside your studies.

S-Cool News

S-cool News

New S-cool Website Launches

S-cool revision has launched an upgraded website with a fresh responsive design to give students a better revision experience with a flexible site that will work well across multiple mobile devices.

‘We’ve been keen to provide a cleaner experience for our student audience for some time and we are very excited to have launched the new site,’ said Judge Singh, CEO of S-cool. ‘Membership will continue to stay free, for now,’ he added.

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