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Revision help

Revision Season 2015

Exams are looming. Here are a series of 'Revision Season' articles to help you prepare for your Exams.

1: Mental Preparation

Mental Prep

Poor exam results are often caused by a negative mindset such as stress, anxiety and a lack of self-belief. Use these tips to stay positive!

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Is revision making you tear your hair out? Try the wonderful @scoolrevision for revision resources, apps and hints #examseason
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This website is awesome, whoever created it is sure to get my prayers ... thnx a lot!!
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Excellent tool for one who does not know where to start
Rose Ruth – Facebook
Your website (specifically physics a-level which is incredibly well written) is amazing, and really is a credit to you and your goodwill for making it free.
Richard G
@scoolrevision is a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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The Only Way To Store GCSE Maths Concepts Into Your Long Term Memory...

GCSE exams are no longer a test of 'how intelligent' you are anymore. Nowadays, they're a test of 'how much you can remember'.  Students who perform the best in their GCSE exam's tend to have very good memory retention skills. The exam boards don't do you any favours. They give all your exams in one go, with some of them falling on consecutive days.

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S-Cool News

S-cool News

S-cool Student's Favourite Revision Methods

In a recent poll, S-cool users were asked their favourite method of revision.

A majority (36%) preferred Revision Cards help them remember their facts and figures, although a quarter of students chose ‘Winging it’ (24%) as their fave method! (Tsk Tsk)

This was followed by using Video or Audio as a revision method at 18%, Highlighting at 14% and ‘With friends’ came last with just 8% of the vote.


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